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What we know how to do we can teach you how to do, and we can integrate your skills to improve your ability to design and compete.

We have developed tools and courses for training on the topics of Design, Creativity, Innovation, and Digital, carrying out know-how transfer projects in public and private organizations of all sizes and for all levels of position and role.

We know how to share our expertise and convey our passion, even in difficult or critical contexts where others do not achieve the necessary results. We achieve this by applying innovative and unconventional training methods, visual-thinking, co-design and co-creation, facilitation and gamification techniques conducted with method and rigor.

Most of the trainings developed by Maple can be used in various modes: in-person in Maple's spaces, at the client's location (or other agreed upon external location), and telepresence on our distance learning platform.

If you would like to learn more, write to us at  or call us at our TOLL-FREE NUMBER 800 629 691.