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Startups, SMEs, Large Enterprises, No-Profit, School and Training, Public Administration.

We started in '92 by offering our expertise to professionals and microenterprises, feeling they were more within our reach and closer to our way of seeing things. Very soon, thanks to word of mouth that sometimes surprised and always flattered us, we attracted the attention of medium and large companies, local authorities up to the central public administration.

We never changed the way we approached problems: if a simple and inexpensive solution was suitable for the professional as well as the Ministry, that was our proposal and the cost was the same, consistent with the quantity and quality of the work to be done.

Out of respect for everyone's work-beginning with our own-we have never agreed to work below industrial cost, and this has always allowed us to do things well, keeping to the agreed timetable and using valuable collaborators and consultants who are satisfied and happy to work with us. Over these years, now almost twenty-five, we have followed projects of various sizes, heterogeneous projects and for clients from very different sectors.

Of many of the clients from the early years we are still suppliers, and of this we are obviously very proud. Over the years we have never given up our role as a System Integrator, convinced as we are that a powerful and reliable technological infrastructure is an indispensable competitive factor. We have always offered and continue to recommend and propose to our clients the same ICT solutions that we use internally, after having tested and validated them over time. Today, as in the past, we are able to guarantee our clients measurable results, definite timeframes and competitive costs with the same effective quality.

We have certain rules, which we have given ourselves freely and consciously, and from which we do not deviate: We do not accept work from just anyone, and we do not accept assignments with unclear specifications and objectives, assignments to do work with methods, tools and technologies that we do not consider appropriate for the expected results. We want to be proud of our clients and therefore prefer not to work with principals with a bad reputation, with clients we know to be disrespectful of their employees and their customers or users.

If our values are your values, working together will be great and the results will be to everyone's satisfaction.