Where we are

We are based in north Rome, at 89 Via Bruno Serotini, @maplelab almost at the convergence of Via Cassia and Via Trionfale, La Giustiniana area.

Less than 3 minutes away we have the G.R.A. "Cassia" exit and 2 minutes away the G.R.A "Trionfale" exit. There is always ample outdoor public parking for cars and indoor parking for two-wheelers.

The FL3 Railway from Roma Tiburtina and Roma Ostiense (get off at La Giustiniana stop) is within walking distance in less than ten minutes.

The ATAC lines 021, 031, 303, 201 (from Piazza Mancini), 223 (from Roma Termini), 907 (from Metro A - Cornelia) arrive in the area within walking distance of our location.

How to contact us

Our toll-free number 800 629 691 answers from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm from landline and mobile. Our switchboard answers at +39 06 3031 0779. If you know the extension of the person you want to contact, type it on the keypad following the voice instructions to the automated response.

Our main e-mail address is