Innovation by Design.

Design Thinking, Product Design, Service Design and Technologies to create and build useful, usable, efficient, effective, desirable and sustainable solutions.

With Maple.

A world of opportunities to be seized, projects to be developed and solutions to be implemented using creativity as a driver of innovation and technologies as an enabler of improvement.

There are no more excuses for putting off starting new projects or giving ongoing activities a new impetus, learning new things and experimenting with new ways of doing them. Especially with Maple as a partner.

Here are some ideas of things we could do for you and with you....

Innovation Consulting

Innovation for education, at work, in places of production, in leisure, for health, in social relations. A natural need of businesses, public and private organizations, institutions and governments.

Human Centered Design

Design for people and with people for processes, products, services, systems, content, experiences. Design as an approach and method for solving problems, creating opportunities, improving the present while thinking about the future...

Real Digital

From the time of hypothesis to the time of reality, from visionary dreams to the possibility of achieving through technology almost anything imaginable.


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