Maple mission

Mission: Innovation by Design

We are designers, our mission is design: to produce ideas for processes, services and products , creating projects and solutions useful, usable, efficient, effective , desirable and sustainable.

We design and work for users and with users, thinking about the satisfaction of their needs and their desires always as aim and never as a means.

We are makers, we have always been, in the most serious and concrete way, away from trends and classifications. We make, we make well, and we are happy every time we share experiences and skills.

We know we are lucky to work by applying know-how and experience to our passions. We know this is a privilege. This is the first reason why we often reach results above our customers expectations: the first satisfaction we seek is ours.

We have some rules that we set to ourselves freely and consciously, and we respect them at any cost.

We do not accept work from anyone. We do not accept assignments with unclear objectives or work assignments to do with modality, tools and technologies that we consider non-compliant to the expected results.

We want to be proud of our clients. We prefer not to work with clients with a bad reputation and with clients we know to be unrespectful of their employees and their customers.

Believe us, we do not for a quirk: otherwise we could not do well our work.

If you share our values, working together will be fantastic and the results will be of great satisfaction for you and us.


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